The way of life is equal to Yoga life!?

What is good for your preference will enhance your spiritual life.

The challenges in our life is always encountered difficulties and troublesome problem. We think how we can overcome or deal with such obstacles.

Inhale and Exhale with belly breathing will help you enhance your brain wave much more relax. This is Health Science where Indian legend yogis created as original Yoga spirits.

8 Limbs of Ashtanga:
1.Yama (ヤマ)
2.Niyama (ニーヤマ)
3.Asana (アーサナ)
4.Pranayama (プラナーヤマ)
5.Pratyiyahara (プラティヤハラ)
6.Dharana (ダーラナー)
7.Dhyana (ディヤーナ)
8.Samadhi (サマーディ)

We will explain regarding these points one by one how Yogis/Yoginis learn step by step.

Om Shanti⭐️



Is the beautiful Asana requires in the private life!?

Yoga is not about Asana but when you would like to take a beautiful asanas, here are the beautiful examples. Asana is one of elements in Eight limbs of Ashtanga, everybody knows it.

Many of Yoga instructors are focusing on Asanas in their yoga lessons, because of the flexibility, strength, and became competition, there is no need to compare Yoga asanas between Yogis and Yoginis.


What B.K.S Iyengar said in his interview…

What B.K.S Iyengar said “Yoga is for all people!!”

When I was training myself in Mumbai, India, I still remembered the legend charisma Yogi, B.K.S Iyengar dead on 20th August, 2014. The news was spread all over India, one of the great Yogis was gone from this earth, every yoga instructors around the world had mourned that we lost one of great Guruji.

B.K.S Iyengar B.K.S Iyengar is still remained as a legend Yogi

He published so many Yoga books in his life, many of Yogis and Yoginis was following his self-discipline and Yoga methods, techniques. If you have a look his tough Yoga asanas, when he was young and demonstrated his yoga performance, you will be amazed and surprised.

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Today we have many charisma Yoga instructors in India now, PM Narendra Modi has started as International Yoga day on 21st June, 2015. Because of many Indian Charisma Guruji contributed their skills and knowledges, general people acknowledge what pure yogic life should be away from the busy working life in this capitalism.

I haven’t met B.K.S Iyengar in my life, when we visited Yoga ashram in Pune, he was too old to talk and the guide didn’t let us to see him. His great yoga achievement will be remained from the past to the future in yogic spirits as everlasting Guruji.

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Yoga is Science !

What is the benefit of Yoga?

1. To help your physical strength much more stronger

2. To release your stress and gives you mind set

3. The words of “Yoga chitta Vritti Niroda” indicates Yoga restrain your mind moving, stop your mind thinking

4. To promote your blood circulation, keep your body shape up

5. To create the inner peace inside of you

6. Yoga can connect people all over the world with Shanti

7. Yogis and Yoginis will be increased and get together in one group

8. To maintain the health mentally and physically

9. Detoxing from your body by sweating

10. Living up to the personal Yogic life

Life is like a spiritual journey, going through many obstacles and problems, but Yoga can gives you stated mind, mind blowing without advanced technology. The current modern life is surrounded by many high technology device, giving us so much information via social media. Putting just one minute meditation into your daily life or beginning as Asana by Morning Yoga class will definitely gives you life change!!

That’s all for today☆

OM, Shanti !!

Yoga can remove your back pain!!

What is the benefit you get from Yoga ?




コブラのポーズ   もしくは   上を向いた犬のポーズ  が最も効果的であると考える。


さらに、上を向いた犬のポーズ (アドムカ・シュヴァーアーサナ)であるが、これは普段使わない腰椎を刺激するため、




Namaste Japan!!



出身地:Rishikesh, India
本名:Vaso Rawat

Vasu profile
Vasu profile

当時15歳の頃に、ヨガに出会いヒマラヤ山脈からRishikeshに移動。インド北部で2番目に古いと言われる “A Bramachariat Narayana Universal Yoga Ashram”でヨガ修行を行う。
主に、瞑想術、プラナーヤマ、ヴェーダ哲学、インド古典文化を中心に学び始める。ヨガアシュラムでは、ヨガを教えるだけでなく、老人介護からフードサービスのカルマヨガも常習するインド人でも本格的なヨギー。外国遠征では、デンマークやスイスのヨガアシュラムに出迎えられ、アーユルヴェーダ料理についても教授経験を持つ。インドのゴアやヨガの聖地リシケーシュのYoga Vedanta Ashramのヨガクラスも従事していた経験から、ヨガ流派は主にRishikesh Yoga styleと呼ばれている。

ヨガ流派: Rishikesh Yoga 部類: インドヨガ
指導歴: 10年

Vasu Rawat
Meditation under the tree

先日Umesh Sharma-jiも日本でのヨガインストラクターとしての活躍を希望されています。多くのインド人ヨガインストラクターが日本での本物のインドヨガを教授したいと切望されている事は、自分は肌でPassion(情熱)を感じました。インドには優秀な人材が数多くいるのですが、先進国日本ではビザや入国審査で引っかかる傾向があり、大変難しい境遇にあります。





Open the online Yoga spiritual shop

Namaste Japan!!




ちなみに、大変悲しいお話ですが、インド人ヨガインストラクターのUmesh Sharman-jiが、本プロジェクトの参画を辞退されました。リシケシヨガスタイル伝授のため、来日を予定されていた彼ですが、家族と一身上の都合により、離散されました。

そこで、私共は、とりあえず残されたメンバーのMahesh, Vasu Yogiと私で、世界を繋げるヨガスタジオを創設および運営し続けていくためには、どうすれば良いかを少しずつお話を進めています。





Buddha and Yoga

Buddha and Inner peace Yoga
Buddha and Inner peace Yoga

Buddha stands for one of true Yogi called “Gautama Siddhartha(ゴーダマ・シッダールタ)”, very spiritual but freedom philosophy prevail all over India and Japan. The Yoga style is well-known as “Siddhartha Yoga”, mainly focused on the meditation. He was the first Yogi who reached to “Samadhi” adorable and one of beautiful goddess preachers.

Creating Inner peace will give you Joy&Hope&Love!!
Try to do a meditation once a day for your yogic life and you will be changed ☆
Naoki Hagiwara (萩原 直樹)