Yoga is Science !

What is the benefit of Yoga?

1. To help your physical strength much more stronger

2. To release your stress and gives you mind set

3. The words of “Yoga chitta Vritti Niroda” indicates Yoga restrain your mind moving, stop your mind thinking

4. To promote your blood circulation, keep your body shape up

5. To create the inner peace inside of you

6. Yoga can connect people all over the world with Shanti

7. Yogis and Yoginis will be increased and get together in one group

8. To maintain the health mentally and physically

9. Detoxing from your body by sweating

10. Living up to the personal Yogic life

Life is like a spiritual journey, going through many obstacles and problems, but Yoga can gives you stated mind, mind blowing without advanced technology. The current modern life is surrounded by many high technology device, giving us so much information via social media. Putting just one minute meditation into your daily life or beginning as Asana by Morning Yoga class will definitely gives you life change!!

That’s all for today☆

OM, Shanti !!