The way of life is equal to Yoga life!?

What is good for your preference will enhance your spiritual life.

The challenges in our life is always encountered difficulties and troublesome problem. We think how we can overcome or deal with such obstacles.

Inhale and Exhale with belly breathing will help you enhance your brain wave much more relax. This is Health Science where Indian legend yogis created as original Yoga spirits.

8 Limbs of Ashtanga:
1.Yama (ヤマ)
2.Niyama (ニーヤマ)
3.Asana (アーサナ)
4.Pranayama (プラナーヤマ)
5.Pratyiyahara (プラティヤハラ)
6.Dharana (ダーラナー)
7.Dhyana (ディヤーナ)
8.Samadhi (サマーディ)

We will explain regarding these points one by one how Yogis/Yoginis learn step by step.

Om Shanti⭐️