About us

Who are we?

We are individual Yoga instructors and therapists working on each countries, connected with Global Yoga network as one Yogic union, Love_yoga.com families. Nothing to do with religion, especially not related to Hinduism, color of your skin, not required which countries you are from.

Love_yoga.com presents new modern Yoga lessons/styles and offer retreat training camp program for those participants in the future, Yogis and Yoginis from beginners to seniors level. We provide:

  1. Yoga and Ayurvedic treatment (Including retreat camp program)
  2. Massage and Reiki healing session
  3. Revamp and Improve your personal daily issue by counseling

Getting the professional knowledge and skillful expertise, well-experienced teaching, we would be opened to employ you as one of our official Love_yoga.com Yoga instructors after completing our Yoga retreat camp program.

The aim to found this Love_yoga.com is to connect Yogis and Yoginis around the world more tight and make more global movement from Japan to the world, not just offering the Yoga class but for the humanity love of contributing to the community, the society, across the country, those who needs financial help for the children and the youth education.

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