Mission statement

*****Love☆yoga.comのミッション (Company’s vision)*****

Mission statement:
(Interacting World-wide Yoga instructors and therapists, REIKI healers, Massage therapists, for the exchange of knowledge of Yoga, Reiki, and Massage. In order to promote and pursue the friendship between the well-known instructors and therapists in both India, Japan and U.S.A to popularize Yoga and Reiki, Massage among the public world over, we plan to surpass all the borders with Dream, Hope and Love in our hearts.)

Love☆Yoga.com基本精神 :
1.尊敬(Respect people)  2.支援(Support people) 3.愛(Love people)

Love_yoga.com will be activating the Yogic union and connecting Yogis/Yoginis, contributing to the society and the community, to the world.

(We are nothing to do with any religious group or organization, please don’t misunderstand.)

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