Bakasana (Arm Balance)

About me

I was born in Japan but raised in the U.S, went the international kindergarten and elementary school until 10 years old. Then I came back to Japan and graduated from Kanda University of International Studies. When I was a senior student, I joined Japan and United States NPO internship in San Francisco, supporting the Black American and At Risk Youth who is suffering from poverty and discrimination in the U.S.
I joined the Yoga retreat camp program in Phoenix, Arizona for 3 months. Then I certified RYT200 hours there. At the same time, I joined the Christian missionary volunteer tour in Mexico, engaged in the hotel and the church reform project. Although it was a short term staying in Mexico, I taught the Japanese calligraphy and Radio gymnastics. Then I came back to Japan.

I moved to India in 2012. Working in Indian corporation, I encountered the several Indian Yoga instructors with the same spirit. Organized India&Japan Yoga circle in Mumbai, booming the Yoga movement temporarily. I had a self-disciplined in Yoga and Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham (Kerala) for the spiritual experience。Currently I’m working on the Yoga studio project to start up our international Yoga business, coordinating with our Indian & American Yogis and Yoginis.

In order to make the new Yoga movement, I’m a Yoga instructor as well as the REIKI healer across the countries, certified as Usui Reiki healing, 3rd Attunement, from Kawahara Reiki Master in Chiba, Japan. We need to move on and polish our skills every single day. I usually keep the Bushido spirit in my mind in order to make the world better place.

本名:Naoki Hagiwara (通称:Naoki)

身長:182cm 体重:60kg
ヨガ歴:8年 指導歴:3年
尊敬する偉人:ガンジー、釈迦、イエス・キリスト、マーティン・ルーサーキング牧師、綿本 彰先生、新渡戸稲造、B.K.Sアイアンガー師、Baron Baptiste、松下幸之助氏、佐々井秀嶺僧侶

Main personal achievement
・RYT200取得(Shivananda Yoga, 全米ヨガアライアンス協会認定200時間講座修了)
・R-HYI200取得(Registered Holy Yoga instructor 200時間講座修了)
・RYT300取得(Aarsha Yoga Vidya Peetham, 全米ヨガアライアンス協会認定300時間講座修了)
・古川先生主催Yogic Artsクラス受講
・Aundra Newell Sheilds先生のTai-chiクラス受講
・Gladys Hunnnicut先生のAlk Yogaクラス受講
・Annette Halliday Holmes先生のHatha Yogaクラス受講
・Nirmal Raj Gyawali先生の瞑想ヨガ/ニーマルヨガクラス受講
・Chama先生のPark Yogaクラス& Men’s Yogaワークショップ受講
・Duncan Wong先生のYogic Arts “Body Pump up”ワークショップ受講
・Patrick Oancia先生のPark Yogaクラス&YogaJaya指導者用Intensive WS受講
・Ramendra’s B.K.Sアイアンガーヨガクラス受講
・Athisha Mathajiから週末ヨガクラスを連続受講

将来の夢(Company’s Vision)
(To have my own Yoga studio&Massage room&office in Japan)
(To join Africa Yoga project as a social service activity like Baron Baptiste
(Japanese, Indian, American Yoga instructors come together and plan world wide Yoga event.)

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